New late night talk on AFN

Starting January 7th you will notice a scheduling change to AFN’s late night talk show lineup. The New Year will ring in America’s favorite hosts and personalities at better times.

On Monday January 7th The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will air later. New episodes will start the next day on Tuesday January 8th.
10:00 pm – The Daily Show
10:30 pm – The Colbert Report

On Monday January 7th, retaining its original time and channel, there will be numerous additions following The Tonight Show. Conan will be moved from AFN|spectrum and will air an hour earlier. Chelsea Lately will also air an hour earlier. However the Late Show and the Late Late Show will be an hour later. Note that the shows on AFN|prime Pacific are a half hour later than AFN|prime Atlantic.

 Atlantic/CET Pacific/JKT
10:00 pm CET 10:30 pm JKT The Tonight Show
11:00 pm CET 11:30 pm JKT Conan
12:00 am CET 12:30 am JKT Chelsea Lately
12:30 am CET 01:00 am JKT Late Show
01:30 am CET 02:00 am JKT The Late Late Show

Tuesday January 8th will bring both Jimmies together back to back. The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon was moved from AFN|spectrum and retains its airtime while Jimmy Kimmel Live remains unchanged.
10:00 pm – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
11:00 pm – Jimmy Kimmel Live

15 thoughts on “New late night talk on AFN

  1. Very dissatisfied with your decision to move the Daily Show and Colbert to such late time slots.

    • Scooter,
      Please understand that due to limited real estate we need to maximize viewing options for the entire spectrum of our AFN audience. In order to increase programming on AFN, we are choosing not to run Stewart & Colbert twice a day. Furthermore we are mirroring the viewing experience of our US audience with later air times.
      We understand that without a DVR, viewing opportunities are limited because the lack of practical recording capability. This is an issue that our command understands and is giving high priority to resolve.

      • I agree with Scooter and so do a lot of other people I talk to. Daily Show and Colbert are huge draws among the viewers and to put it on so late (especially for those of us in Asia) seems like poor planning. Please rethink the schedule change or put them on 2 times a day.

  2. Typical AFN. Get a chance to make your programming more like Stateside and mess it up. Leno followed by Fallon then Chelsea on Prime, Letterman, Ferguson on Spectrum & Conan, Kimmel on Xtra would have been perfect without moving The Daily Show & Colbert Report…

    • This is perfect and better mirrors the US viewing times, Fire your programmers and hire MikeS please…

  3. It’s insulting to move Letterman back to such a late time. Now back to 12:30, and AFTER Chelsea Lately. What a joke. If you were smarter, you’d move Leno back to 12:30 and move Letterman up to 10:00.

    • The only good thing about those shows and their air times is that they are on twice a day (Pacifiac anf Atlantic) but everything on Spectrum and Extra are only on once and as of now on real late for us who need to be up early.

  4. Please consider an additional viewing time for Colbert and Stewart. Not every person that watches AFN stays up late some of US, Soldiers, have to be at PT by 0530. Come on and work this out.

    • strongly agree with this comment. I get up in Europe at 0530, and staying up to 2200 isn’t going to happen. Watching Daily and Colbert while eating dinner was perfect!

  5. I think the AFN programmers have been taking advantage of the California medical weed…how is 12:30 AM a “better time” for Letterman? And after Chelsea Lately??? How does that mirror the US viewing experience where Letterman and Leno are on at the same time. AFN stated in an email response that ratings helped decide this timing. But Letterman gets higher ratings than all but Leno. AFN needs to relook this misguided change…

  6. I appreciate your efforts to provide us with American TV while overseas. I have lived overseas for 8 years and I have been impressed with how AFN continues to improve. However, I was disappointed this week with the change in schedule for TV. My husband and I always watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report as our nightly news while we eat dinner. I understand they are not classified as real news but they cover all the important headlines. I enjoyed being able to watch those shows in the evening and rarely was able to stay up late because of my work schedule. Please consider if it would be possible to replace TMZ on Pacific or rearrange the shows in any way. They may be considered late night for the US but watching them at 6 was perfect for us serving in the Pacific. Thank you for listening to our feedback.

  7. My response is in the programming of late night TV for the DTS schedule. I find it hard to understand why 7-8 hrs a day should be blocked with all this late night TV. We do not have the ability to change to another channel. We are at the mercy of the programming you provide. With all the shows that you broadcast and all the commercials for new episodes of shows you broadcast, why is it you can not make room for more programming of regular shows and less of the late night variety type. How many lame jokes and hollywood stars pluggin movies do we need to see while we are out to sea. “We Bring You Home” should read “We Bring You To Home at 11PM”….

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