AFN|family Primetime gets a new name

This fall, primetime and late evening viewing hours on AFN|Family will take on a new name and look. The change is aimed at further defining prime time and overnight programming. Beginning early September, the day-part currently known as AFN|family Primetime will have a new name; “AFN|pulse.”AFN|pulse

After analyzing audience feedback over the years, AFN has created a way to clearly differentiate family programming from older skewing programming on the channel. We think we’ve done that by creating two unique identities on one channel – similar to Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim here in the states.

The move to rename and rebrand to AFN|pulse allows AFN to maximize limited airtime on channels. We’ll continue our effort to meet your needs by delivering more stateside programming intended for an older demographic during hours when most of the younger audience is under adult supervision or asleep, thus satisfying as much of the AFN audience as possible given the limited bandwidth available for channels.

AFN|family will air from 5am to 7pm CET/JKT, and the new AFN|pulse day-part will air from 7pm to 5am CET/JKT – all on the same channel, seven days a week. All programming on AFN|pulse will be intended for and marketed toward 18+ viewers.

A transition hour of programming will begin at 7pm with general audience programming that includes returning hit shows like The X-Factor, The Amazing Race, The Voice, and America’s Next Top Model.

After 8pm programming will “age up” with returning programs like Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries and new shows for the fall season, including the Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals, and the Pretty Little Liars Spinoff Ravenswood. Additionally the hotly anticipated brand new show offerings Sleepy Hollow and The Tomorrow People will debut. Lastly also new to the day-part will be a late night talk show block featuring The Arsenio Hall Show followed by Chelsea Lately.

When AFN|pulse goes live on AFN, there will be a dedicated web page on that viewers can visit to learn more about the day-part, including a list of programming. The new AFN|pulse daypart will officially launch early September.

12 thoughts on “AFN|family Primetime gets a new name

  1. Why can’t we get complete tv schedules online for Germany just as we did when the Stars and Stripes carried them?

  2. I wish that the children in Japan can have a dedicated children’s channel. This is important in locations where the only English speaking programs are AFN and no other channels. The children have nothing to look at after they get out of school or after CDC closes and when I put the children to be they want to watch tv but everything is adult programing. Why cant there be a station to entertain the under 12 viewers 24hrs a day. When children wake up in the middle of the night there is nothing appropriate for them to watch until they fall back to sleep. This forces us to buy cartoons and tv shows so that small kids will be entertained. The largest viewers of AFN are the military children under 12 in locations where English is not the primary language such as in Japan. This issues has been over looked each time you revamp your programming schedules. There should be someone who is looking out to ensure there is 24hr of appropriate children television programs. Even if you had programming that was rated for under 12 up to 10pm.

    • Dear Neeky,
      Thank you for your comments on AFN programming. We agree that it is very important to provide daily viewing content for younger viewers in the AFN audience which is why from 5 am – 7 pm Monday through Friday AFN|family only airs programming rated for 14 and under (13 hours daily). Saturday and Sunday is also 14 and under during that time, but also has 7 hours of Together Time programming.

      While we would love to have a dedicated 24/7 service just for those 12 and under, AFN’s bandwidth assets are very limited. With nearly one million viewers, we have to take into consideration that we have a much larger older teen/adult audience after 7 pm than we have very young children staying up late. Because of this, older themed programming that would otherwise not available to our audience due to bandwidth is aired on AFN|pulse after 7 pm. Feedback from our audience is very positive for the older themed shows airing on that channel and our branding of AFN|pulse serves to clearly mark the times that viewers can expect the different programming on that channel.

      In addition, what AFN is doing is very similar to what broadcasters in the US are doing, i.e. Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Nickelodeon/Nick @ Nite and Nick Jr/NickMom are just some examples of how networks are adjusting to meet audience demand. Broadcasters realize that the majority of young children are in bed well before prime time and that the audience demographic changes dramatically at the point. The move is simply to serve that audience better by providing them with programming that interests them.

      • Maybe you shouldn’t rely on tv to watch your children after they’ve been in the cdc all day long… Ever heard of playing outside or playing with toys in general? I can’t stand lazy parents who put their child in front of the tv and freak out if nothing is on for them to watch….

  3. I get it but all this refining and name changing still is not answering the issue here on my post where parents want safe kids programming at all hours of the day like we can get back home on direct tv. We appreciate having AFN but would still request to our station here that we get a channel that has kids and big kids shows on 24-7.

    • Donnell,
      While you may find a couple of channels that air children’s programming 24/7 on cable, even the traditional big channels have shifted to airing more adult programming after a certain time. Just like Nick Jr/Nick Mom, Nick/Nick at Nite and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim in the US, we are simply rebranding the ALREADY EXISTING programming on AFN|family to AFN|pulse to make that shift in demographics clear for viewers. The vast majority of kids are in bed by primetime and we have hundreds of thousands of adult viewers who are up at 9, 10 and + who want to watch programming. The main focus of AFN is getting out command information (CI) and we can’t ignore that the vast majority of our audience is adults after a certain time. AFN does not air any CI on AFN|family from 7 am – 3 pm and then only “soft” CI until AFN|pulse comes on.

  4. This new AFN/Pulse has made two channel 9’s. How to I go on pulse & not family when they are both channel 9???

    • Bri,
      AFN|pulse and AFN|family share the same channel, but have different programming. If you are in Europe or Japan/Korea, early morning from 5am to 7pm evenings you will see AFN|family programming. Afterwards from 7pm to 5am you can see AFN|pulse. This is a common practice in the US; for example, consider Cartoon Network where the channel is divided with Adult Swim, or like Nickelodeon and Nick at Night.

  5. I got excited when I saw the channel guide and noticed that Pulse was showing “Buffy” on Monday and “Charmed” on Tues- some of my favorite shows. When I turned to the channel, however, those shows were clearly not showing. I also got excited when I saw that some of the interesting new shows will be aired on Pulse. The problem I have is that here in Turkey, the channel guide does not seem to be accurate. For instance right now at 9:25 pm in Turkey, the guide says DeGrassi High should be showing on Pulse, followed by another episode of the same and then later, 90210. In actuality, See Dad Run is showing. The station ID at the bottom of the screen says “AFN Pulse.” We are used to the guide being an hour behind and it’s an adjustment that we automatically make, however when it comes to Pulse and the program guide, there never seems to be a match-even when you adjust for as much as a two hour delay. I’m concerned that we will not be able to see some of the new fall season shows. Would you please look into this issue and address it for those of us in Turkey ( perhaps the rest of the Med has this issue as well) so that we can be assured of enjoying the programs on Pulse as much as the rest of the AFN audience.

    • Nick,
      Our sincerest apologies for that, we are aware that the channel guide for AFN|pulse is off, we are very close to correcting it.

  6. Just to let you know, I love AFN and all of your networks. Too bad Charter Communications don’t have any of those in MY TV guide in Delta, CO (I live here, just so you know. Montrose is where I was born at in February 27, 2001).

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