AFN|sports2 – More Greatness!

AFN|xtra is becoming AFN|sports2 starting June 1st at 9pm CET, and 4pm JKT.

AFN|sports2AFN|sports2 will provide another dedicated 24/7 sports channel. This means more live games and more sporting events than before. With 16 more hours on weekdays you will get 80 more hours of sports per week. That is a seriously competitive service, even for CONUS cable, satellite or online.

You may be concerned as to what is happening to the entertainment shows on AFN|xtra. Some shows will move to the new AFN|sports2, and some will find a new home on AFN|prime and AFN|spectrum. Here’s where the shows are going:


Mondays beginning June 1st

  • Tosh.0 (Season 7) 10:00pm CET/JKT
  • At Midnight (Season 2) 10:30pm CET/JKT


Beginning June 1st

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live (Mon-Fri) 11:00pm CET/JKT
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers (Tue-Sat) 12:00am CET/JKT

Here is the new weekly schedule for WWE and UFC programming on AFN|sports2:

  • WWE Raw: Tuesdays at 12:00pm CET, 7:00pm JKT (beginning June 2nd)
  • The Ultimate Fighter: Thursdays at 12:00pm CET, 7:00pm JKT (beginning June 4th)
  • WWE Smackdown: Fridays at 12:00pm CET, 7:00pm JKT (beginning June 5th)
  • WWE NXT: Saturdays at 12:00pm CET, 7:00pm JKT (beginning June 6th)
  • WWE PPVs: LIVE (beginning with Money in the Bank on June 14th, check for air time)

30 thoughts on “AFN|sports2 – More Greatness!

    • Please,please,please! We need more digital to get clear picture.

  1. Steve,
    AFN|sports2 will be the same as the other AFN services. The signal will be digitized and encrypted.

  2. What a shame! There is already too much sports programming on AFN. I will miss AFN Xtra. I wish you would spend the effort upgrading the channels to HD especially the Movie channel.

    • Scott,
      There is a very good chance you can see the non-sport AFN|xtra shows you enjoy on our other AFN TV services. The most popular shows now airing weekdays on AFN|xtra will move to other channels. Tosh.0 and At Midnight move to AFN|spectrum. Jimmy Kimmel Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers move to AFN|prime Atlantic and Pacific. WWE will air on AFN|sports2. For the complete AFN TV schedule go to Regarding making existing AFN TV services such as AFN|movie HD, we’d love to do it, but we currently don’t have enough satellite bandwidth. Since AFN|xtra is a standard definition (SD) service, we can “swap” one SD service, AFN|xtra, for another SD service, AFN|sports2. AFN plans to transition to additional HD TV services. However, we have no firm timeline on when this will happen. AFN currently offers AFN|sports HD to viewers with a 9865 decoder and to on-base residents who have the AFN|sports HD signal passed on to them via the on-base cable provider. When a firm timeline is established, AFN will announce it and give everyone time to transition. AFN recommends whatever model AFN decoder you have, that you hold on to it until a firm timeline is established.

  3. Will this mean more football both college and NFL? It would be nice to see ‘Pool’ championships and ‘Hunting’ shows.

    • Yes Thomas! AFN will carry more live and pre-recorded sporting events with the addition of AFN|sports2. As far as Billiards and Hunting programming is concerned, we do not have any plans for those.

  4. Are there any plans for the channel recently vacated by The Pentagon Channel? How about a Spanish Channel?

    • Mr. Trejo,
      DoD News is now an internet video on demand service at Once the current Pacific satellite migration is complete in early June 2015, the DoD News will be completely off of AFN’s line-up. The remaining bandwidth resources will be used by the other AFN services. Sorry, we don’t have plans for a Spanish channel.

  5. For the WWE ppvs, are they all going to be live? Because here in Germany that would put the ppv on at like 1 or 2 am. Which means my family and I would not be able to watch.

    • Rachael,
      We plan to air all WWE Pay-Per-Views live, with the intention of replaying them at more convenient viewing times – if the situation allows. We strongly suggest that you invest in a recording solution such as a DVD recorder or a media center system.

      • Which media center solution would you recommend? I am trying to find something which would work with Windows 8.1. Also, is there special setup instructions to make a DVD recorder work with the AFN box?


      • Paul,
        We have some information on Windows Media Center at Click on RECORDING AFN – MEDIA CENTER under AFN INFO.
        Also Check out our FAQ under Technical Information titled “Can I record television programs on my computer?”
        We have been meaning to beef up our information resources on this topic. We will be providing some illustrated instructions soon.

    • So instead of WWE coming on at 1900 like it does now, it will be on at noon when you’re at work at PPVs will be live at 0200 when you’re a sleep…..

  6. What will happen to the reality shows that currently and normally air on AFN|xtra? Will these shows (usually MTV shows) relocate to different channels?

    • Jaimey,
      The most popular shows now airing weekdays on AFN|xtra will move to other channels. Tosh.0 and At Midnight move to AFN|spectrum. Jimmy Kimmel Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers move to AFN|prime Atlantic and Pacific. The same holds for some of the MTV reality shows that are currently between seasons, to find out more check to see when your series returns, and where to watch it.

  7. Any NTSC DVD recorder can be hooked up to the Sat Rcvr, or thru a AV Receiver to record
    AFN Sat signal.

  8. Concerning Sports2, will we be able to view what we would see on espn 2 (Shows like Mike and mike in the morning, ESPN First Take, Around the horn/PTI..)

    • SI,
      AFN|sports does air Around the Horn, and has been for a while. We currently have no plans for Mike and Mike or First Take. We don’t know if those shows will be available in the Future.

  9. I see above it say Raw will maintain its 1900 time, however according the the AFN schedule it says that MLB game will be on at 1900 and Raw will only be on at 1200. Is this accurate? Also WWE PPV’s will only be on live? This puts it on at 0200. I even attempted to go find a DVD player that has recording options, nobody has had any of those for 4+ years. 0200 on a Monday morning is more than inconvenient for service members who look forward to watching, since they have no capabilities to order a PPV or get the WWE Network.


    • Ron,
      It sounds like you’re not a “more sports is better” viewer. Many of the top non-sports shows we had been airing on AFN|xtra have been moved to other AFN services. If you have specific shows you’re looking for, email

      • Would you please take a look at Billiard Club Network – The Best of Professional Pool and the Outdoor Channel. We have enough WWE and MMA, what’s next, Bull Fighting & Texas Cock Fights? More sports are better, ok, just more variety… more football, college and NFL is always welcome, it’s the ‘off season’ that is the problem. Did I miss the viewer survey? I believe AFRTS does a good job and it is appreciated; hard to satisfy all your users. Cheers.

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