Stop Bullying—Body Positive: A Special AFN|family Event

AFN is excited to announce a special broadcast event on Sunday October 25th “Stop Bullying—Body Positive”. The event will feature special programs around the topic of positive body image. Today, kids face millions of voices from the media telling them how they need to look, and some young people will stop at nothing to get to “that perfect shape.” Bullies sense and prey upon the weaknesses of negative body image and can greatly aggravate side effects that can lead victims to dangerous behavior. Many topics will be explored as “Stop Bullying – Body Positive” puts fat shaming, eating disorders and other body image topics under examination.

Trisha Prabhu -Rethink SoftwareInterspersed in the event will be a 10 minute short entitled “Rethink” about 16 year-old Trisha Prabhu, who created a software program that is a non-intrusive, innovative product that encourages social media users to “rethink” their thoughts before posting them on-line.

Following is the schedule for this important television event. Also feel free to browse the very helpful online resources after the schedule. Let us know what you think on AFN‘s Facebook Page, send us a tweet at @AFNtelevision or @AFNlistens, or drop us a line at

NFL Characters Unite (2015) PREMIERE— 1:00pm CET/JKT
NFL Characters UniteNFL stars share deeply personal stories of facing hardships in their lives and mentor young people in their communities who are currently struggling to fit in, deal with bullying and overcome adversity. Players featured in this year’s initiative include Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles, Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams, and 2014 Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl champion cornerback Richard Sherman and Coach Pete Carroll. Through meaningful conversations and unique one-on-one confidence building activities made possible by local YMCAs, the players encourage the kids they meet to find the character, strength, and courage to persevere and pursue their own dreams.

The Fat Boy Chronicles (2010) PREMIERE— 2:00pm CET/JKT
The Fat Boy ChroniclesJimmy Winterpock at age 14, wants to get into shape and impress a pretty classmate while contending with relentless bullying at school in this emotional drama inspired by actual events. Jimmy is five-foot-five, and weighs 187 pounds. He’s constantly tormented by his cruel classmates, and can’t summon the energy to participate in school sports. But when Jimmy meets a classmate who sees past his appearance, he decides that it’s high time to make a change that will improve his standard of living.

To Be Fat Like Me (2007) PREMIERE— 3:30pm CET/JKT
To Be Fat Like MePretty, popular, athletic 17-year-old Aly is on the fast track to college when an accident damages her knee and any chance for an athletic scholarship. A documentary contest, and her mother’s constant struggle with weight, gives her the idea to go undercover at high school wearing a “fat suit” and hidden camera to prove that personality can outshine physical difference. Aly has always been slim and confident, so she is totally unprepared for the reality of how the world treats a “fat” girl, and she begins to understand how intolerant she has been of her own mother’s experience.

Starving In Suburbia (2014) — 5:00pm CET/JKT
Starving In SuburbiaWhen seventeen year old Hannah stumbles upon a website about Thinspiration — an online community devoted to anorexia as a life choice — she becomes an obsessive follower of the site founder, ButterflyAna. By the time Hannah’s family realizes what is happening and get Hannah the help she needs, the disease has fully taken hold and Hannah is refusing to eat. Will this family be able to exorcise the demon of anorexia from their lives, or is it too late?


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