#TheBigDeal — January 2017

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It’s a brand new year, and AFN is off to a great start with the return of ten highly anticipated series, three all-new ones, and ten hot movie premieres. 2016 was a good year for AFN Radio and Television, and we want 2017 to be a great one! So check out our long list of great programming and mark your calendars for a fantastic month!

NCAA Football National Championship 2017There’s no better way to start the year than the College Football National Championship Game… LIVE from Raymond James Stadium,Tampa, Florida. So tune your sets to AFN|sports on January 9, so we can hook you up.


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The Selection: Special Operations Experiment (new)
AFN|prime 5:00pm (CET/JKT) Sunday, January 1st
The Selection: Special Operations Experiment30 men and women with no military background will be put through the most intense physical and mental challenge of their lives in this new series giving viewers a rare glimpse into what it takes to be selected among the elite. The Selection will offer civilians the opportunity to take part in an immersive, authentic course instructed by different branches leading together, while giving viewers insight into the origins of these challenges.

Good Girls Revolt (new)
AFN|spectrum LateNight 11:00pm (CET/JKT) Monday, January 2nd
Good Girls RevoltSeries Premiere Set in New York in the late 1960s, Good Girls Revolt takes place when the cultural revolution was sweeping through the free world. One place that was not quick to change was in newsrooms, and Patti Robinson and her fellow female researchers at News of the Week want equal treatment. Their quest initiates an upheaval that propels Patti and her friends into territory that they never expected or dreamed of.

The Haves and the Have Nots (season 4)
AFN|pulse 10:00pm (CET/JKT) Thursday, January 5th
The Haves and the Have NotsIn Tyler Perry’s hit primetime cable drama, things continue to heat up in Season 4 as Hanna, the moral conscience, is tested like never before. Hanna and her son, Benny, are stripped of everything they have once Candace’s latest hustle fails miserably. Revenge will come down like a lead weight, and what goes around comes around.

Bones (season 12)
AFN|prime 9:00pm (CET/JKT) Thursday, January 5th
BonesReturning for a final farewell 12th season, this 12-episode run will bring the storylines of Brennan, Booth and the Jeffersonian-FBI team to a close, allowing the show’s loyal fans to say goodbye to these indelible characters. When Bones ends its run, the series will have completed 246 original episodes.

Star (new)
AFN|pulse 8:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, January 6th
StarFeaturing original music and performances, this emotionally powerful drama follows three talented young singers – desperate for a new start and with ambitions of stardom – as they navigate the cut-throat music business. The series stars Queen Latifah, Benjamin Bratt and newcomers Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny, Brittany O’Grady and Amiyah Scott. With guest stars Lenny Kravitz, Naomi Campbell and Tyrese Gibson.

Grimm (season 6)
AFN|prime Pacific 8:00pm (CET/JKT) Sunday, January 8th
GrimmThe nefarious forces of Black Claw have been silenced and Nick faces an all too familiar foe in Capt. Sean Renard. Now in the seat of power as the mayor elect of Portland, Renard is poised to bring rise to his own brand of law and order. Nick must take a stand to protect his city and those closest to him, especially his child with Adalind. It will take the full force of Nick and his allies to find a way to bring the peace.

Being Mary Jane (season 4)
AFN|pulse 9:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, January 13th
Being Mary JaneSeason 4 is moving from Atlanta to NYC, a new location for Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) to figure out her life. The show will be adding two full-time cast members, including actor Michael Ealy and reality TV star, Cardi B.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (season 3)
AFN|pulse 10:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, January 13th
Girlfriends' Guide to DivorceIf you thought Abby, Delia, Jo, and Phoebe were ready for new beginnings before, just wait until you see Season 3. After an emotional and shocking Season 2 finale, your best girlfriends are back this winter to tackle everything from break-ups and babies to… baseball?

Portlandia (season 7)
AFN|spectrum 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Wednesday, January 18th
PortlandiaThe feminist bookstore may have cut ties with the comedy series, but now Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are focused on lampooning men’s rights and the plight of men in the new season.

Mozart in the Jungle (season 3)
AFN|spectrum LateNight 11:00pm (CET/JKT) Tuesday, January 17th
Mozart in the JungleWinning an unexpected Golden Globe for season 2, season 3 promises to be better than ever engaging in high-brow humor, taking the world of high art and orchestra life and showing what people involved in it might be like when they’re not throwing around words like “coda” and “rondo”.

Homeland (season 6)
AFN|spectrum LateNight 11:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, January 20th
HomelandLast we saw, Quinn was still alive and Carrie is still out of the CIA. Season 6 picks up several months after the events in Berlin and Carrie Mathison has moved yet again — this time, the former CIA agent is living in Brooklyn, New York. Carrie is working with a foundation that provides aid to Muslims living in the U.S. who are likely dealing with discrimination due to the terrorist attacks committed in America.

The Man in the High Castle (season 2)
AFN|spectrum LateNight 11:00pm (CET/JKT) Wednesday, January 25th
The Man in the High CastleBased on the award-winning novel by science fiction legend Philip K. Dick, in a world where the Axis Powers were triumphant in World War II and America is geographically divided up by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Things are going to intensify in Season 2 with new characters, new pairings, and the mysterious Man in the High Castle himself.

Scandal (season 6)
AFN|spectrum 8:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, January 27th
ScandalAfter its absence from the fall schedule, Scandal is back for season 6 with an explosive twist centered on the show’s big election. In case you forgot all the way back to last season, the two candidates are Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira), who are running with their veeps Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) and Cyrus (Jeff Perry).


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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of BenghaziPREMIERE
AFN|movie 11:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, January 6th

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of BenghaziThe story of six elite ex-military operators assigned to protect the CIA who fought back against overwhelming odds when terrorists attacked a U.S. diplomatic compound on September 11 2012. When everything went wrong, six men had the courage to do what was right. Based on the book “13 Hours” by Mitchell Zuckoff, and accounts from the annex security team. Stars John Krasinski, Pablo Schreiber, Domicnic Fumusa, Max Martini, James Badge Dale, Toby Stephens, Matt Letscher, David Denman, David Costabile and David Giuntoli. (TV-MA)

AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, January 7th

GambitHarry Deane is a London art curator planning an elaborate scheme to con a wealthy collector into buying a fake Monet painting. In order to dupe the buyer, Deane invents a story and recruits a steer roper from Texas, PJ Puznowski, to play the part of a woman whose grandfather liberated the painting at the end of WWII. When Deane’s convoluted con begins to fall apart, it turns out the simple Texan girl isn’t so simple after all, and so begins a classic battle of the wits. Who will get the money? Who will get the Monet? Who will get the girl? Stars Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci and Cloris Leachman.

Girl in the BoxPREMIERE
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Wednesday, January 11th

Girl in the BoxBased on a true story, Girl in the Box is a dark psychological drama. In May 1977, 22-year-old Colleen Stan was kidnapped by a young married couple, Cameron and Janice Hooker. For the next seven years they kept her imprisoned for up to 23 hours a day in a coffin-sized box hidden beneath their bed. When not incarcerated, Colleen became part of a strange new life as a live-in slave, family child-minder, and victim of Cameron’s bizarre and extreme S&M fantasies. Stars: Addison Timlin, Zane Holtz and Zelda Williams.

The Brothers GrimsbyPREMIERE
AFN|movie 11:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, January 13th

The Brothers GrimsbyMI6’s top assassin has a brother. Unfortunately for him, he’s an English football hooligan from the town of Grimsby. Nobby has everything a man from the poor English fishing town of Grimsby could want—9 children and the most attractive girlfriend in northern England. There’s only one thing missing in his life: his little brother, Sebastian. Nobby sets off to reunite with his brother, unaware that not only is his brother an MI6 agent, but he’s just uncovered a plot that puts the world in danger. Stars Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong, Isla Fisher, Rebel Wilson, Gabourey Sidibe and Penélope Cruz. (TV-MA)

Miracles From HeavenPREMIERE
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, January 14th

Miracles From HeavenBased on the incredible true story of the Beam family, Christy discovers her 10-year-old daughter Anna has a rare, incurable disease, and becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughter’s healing as she searches for a solution. After Anna has a freak accident, an extraordinary miracle unfolds in the wake of her dramatic rescue that leaves medical specialists mystified, her family restored and their community inspired. Stars Jennifer Garner, Kylie Rogers, Martin Henderson, John Carroll Lynch, Eugenio Derbez and Queen Latifah.

While We’re YoungPREMIERE
AFN|movie 11:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, January 20th

While We're YoungJosh and Cornelia Srebnick are happily married middle-aged members of New York’s creative class. As Josh labors over the umpteenth edit of his cerebral new film, it’s plain that he has hit a dry patch. Enter Jamie and Darby, a free-spirited spontaneous young couple, ready to drop everything in pursuit of their next passion. For Josh, it’s as if a door has opened back to his youth — or a youth he wishes he once had. It’s not long before the restless forty-somethings, Josh and Cornelia, throw aside friends their own age to trail after these young hipsters who seem so plugged in, so uninhibited, so Brooklyn cool. Stars Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver. (TV-MA)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the ShadowsPREMIERE
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, January 21st

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the ShadowsMichelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael battle bigger, badder villains, alongside April O’Neil, Vern Fenwick, and a newcomer: the hockey-masked vigilante Casey Jones. After supervillain Shredder escapes custody, he joins forces with mad scientist Baxter Stockman and two dimwitted henchmen, Bebop and Rocksteady, to unleash a diabolical plan to take over the world. As the Turtles prepare to take on Shredder and his new crew, they find themselves facing an even greater evil with similar intentions: the notorious Krang. Stars Megan Fox, Will Arnett, Stephen Amell, Tyler Perry, Noel Fisher, Jeremy Howard, Pete Ploszek, Alan Ritchson, Brian Tee and Stephen “Sheamus” Farrelly.

AFN|movie 11:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, January 27th

AfflictedThis terrifying horror is a hand held “found footage” thriller that follows two best friends who set out on the trip of a lifetime around the world. Their journey, documented every step of the way, soon takes a dark and unexpected turn after an encounter with a beautiful woman in Paris leaves one of them mysteriously afflicted. Stars Derek Lee, Clif Prowse and Baya Rehaz. (TV-MA)

AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, January 28th

BeachesThe serendipitous meeting of two young girls on the Venice Boardwalk, who, though worlds apart in lifestyle, embark on unexpected and lifelong friendship. CC is an aspiring singer trying to make it in Los Angeles until she is discovered by a director who gives her first big shot. Hillary is the daughter of a prominent civil rights lawyer who struggles to find her own destiny. Their friendship—even with its ups and downs—sustains them for decades. Stars Idina Menzel, Nia Long and Colin Lawrence.

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